How to get from St. Maarten to Saba

Windward Island

Airways “Winair”

Winair is the only  commercial airline   allowed to land on  Saba’s runway. Every day Winair has up to 5  flights flying between St. Maarten and Saba.  

The Edge Ferry 

The Edge Ferry is a high  speed ferry which takes  approx. 1.15 hours to get  from St. Maarten to Saba. It  leaves every day  between Wednesday and Sunday for a day trip  from St. Maarten to Saba. It reaches Saba at  10.30 am and leaves again at 3.30 pm.  


The DAWN II ferry travels  3 times a week for a day  trip to St. Maarten from  Saba. Every Tuesday,  Thursday and Saturday the DAWN II ferry  leaves the Saba port at 7.00 am and reaches  St. Maarten at 8.30 am. Back to Saba the ferry  departs again at 5.00 pm 
Best Airfares

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As we all know, the airline market now in the U.S. is like it's never been.  One day the prices are great; the next you can't  believe the increase or the lack of availability.  Sometimes it's better to book well in advance; sometimes best at the "last  minute".  I work with several bulk suppliers.  Often times I know in advance of sales, specials, or alternative scheduling that can  save you hundreds of dollars--more money for diving!  Often, it's a bit tough to get decent quotes for bookings 4+ months in  advance.  But this shouldn't be discouraging.  Call me since fares change hourly. I promise to work diligently to find you the best  quote possible and honestly advise you on when to purchase. Below are samples of recent airfares to St. Maarten.  
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Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten makes travel to Saba &  Statia not only easy, but affordable.  The facility hosts many airlines from  several cities across the United States.  You can get to St. Maarten with  direct flights on Delta (Atlanta), United (Chicago), Continental (Newark),  USAirways (via Philly and Charlotte), and American Airlines (JFK, San Juan  and Miami). With these new routes, travel from west of the Mississippi is  now possible in one day or with easy 'red eye' flights from the west coast.   So give me a call so I can get you to Saba or Statia for the best price  possible.  When you call or email, please be sure to leave me your name,  your timeframe, and your departure city.  This way when I call or email you  back, we will already have made progress.  Not a U.S. citizen?  Click here for rules to enter the Dutch Caribbean  (officially part of the Netherlands since October, 2010)  There are no health concerns to this area of the Caribbean; no shots  required, no risk of malaria, swine flu, etc.   
Best Airfares