Standard Cottage

The Ecolodge offers 5 different  Standard Cottages each with  their own aesthetic theme. You  can choose between Anolis,  Dolphin, Herb Garden,  Heliconia and Tropic Bird.  All  cottages are equipped with a  solar shower system and can  accommodate 2 - 4 guests.    
Ecolodge Room Categories

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Cottages w/kitchenette or

private hot tub

5 cottages are available in this  category.  You can choose  between the comfort of a private  hot tub or the convenience of a  kitchenette.  Turtle Cottage has a  kitchenette, while the Bird of  Paradise, Hummingbird, Tree  Fern and Tree Frog Cottages  have private hot tubs.  

Cottages with kitchentte

and private hot tub

For those who want to enjoy  both a kitchenette and a private  hot tub, Mt. Scenery Cottage  and Blue Tang Cottage have a  little more luxury by offering  both. Enjoy the sounds of  nature in the middle of Saba's  enchanting rainforest.    
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