St. Eustatius

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Discover the Caribbean's latest unmasked secret.  Statia, officially "St. Eustatius", is known throughout the region for its rich history.  My friend recently returned from Statia to exclaim:  "It's like Africa in the Caribbean".   I also just returned from a Statia trip (October  2012) and although I found Statia far from primitive, I am reminded that the island is more geared toward the low maintenance, diving  enthusiast-everything is within a walk.  The restaurants and bakeries are wonderful and reasonable.  I was overcome with a laid back  feeling of a Caribbean you once knew.  The rich history of St Eustatius dates way back to the 1800’s, earning it the name “Golden  Rock”.  It is commonly known as Statia, and is less than 10 square miles, making it a fairly small island like her sister, Saba, which is  20 miles away.  SImiliar to the less well known islands in the Caribbean, St. Eustatius’ tourism appeal is still in its primary stages.  Diving on Statia  Golden Rock Dive Center   Golden Rock Dive Center is located on the waterfront with an adjacent pier for convenience. This location is only a 3 or 4 minutes walk from most hotels and restaurants. The dive shop serves as an equipment storage and gathering  point for departures into the marine park for truly memorable diving. The shop also doubles as a location to unwind  and discuss and compare the diversity and multitude of marine life you and your fellow divers encountered during  your diving explorations.  The dive shop “hangout” becomes an integral part of the dive experience.  I laid in the  hammock after every dive!  Ray and Kaylee are fun and knowlegable dive guides.  I always use Golden Rock for my Statia divers.   After meeting Glenn and Michele years ago and becoming close friends, they always take  great care of my customers. Golden Rock’s  slogan is, “we do what you want”, and they really do.  Walk to the dive shop, grab a cold drink from the fridge and take part in the  discussion of what to do and where to go.  Easy, breezy Golden Rock.  Nitrox tanks available and you can try out Glenn’s new  invention - the Glider.  He can tell you all about it! Scubaqua & Dive Statia   The two “other” dive shops on Statia have merged in to one larger shop.  My last visit to Statia was so brief, and I wanted to spend all  of my time with my old friends Glenn and Michele that I did not get the opportunity to meet the new owners.  I went looking for Rudy  and Rinda, the original owners of Dive Statia, but was told that they are happily retired.   Congratulations Rudy and RInda!  I will  provide more information on the new shop as I hear reports.
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